All Posts from June, 2011

Last lunch in Saint Chinian

This quiche was amazing. Four cheeses, a half pound of bacon and a dozen eggs. […]

Lunch, southern France style

Because really, who needs more than bread, cheese and cured meats? Oh, and wine. Parker […]

Who needs lunch

  When you have strawberries? Parker and I managed to squeeze in some strawberry picking […]


And that means today is treat day. We have a tradition. On the last day […]

Pre-vacation edition: Day 2

When all else fails, there is pasta carbonara. I love it because it is easily […]

Pre-vacation edition: Day 1

Not only does Parker’s summer vacation begin on Thursday, but our vacation-vacation begins on Friday. […]

From Emeril’s table to fluffy blue frosting…

Our trip to New York was better — and worse — than expected. We had […]

A NYC lunch

Today Parker and I are headed to the studio in NYC to tape a cooking […]

Still not much food in the house, but I don’t care

Because while I managed to pull together an OK lunch for today, I don’t need […]

Speck, brie and honeycomb… The all-American lunch

“Daddy, why do you always take pictures of my lunch?” Parker doesn’t get screen time. […]