All Posts from May, 2011

Ending the week with a bang!

Woops! Forgot to post this on Friday… OK, for today, all stops got pulled. It’s […]

Hummus on hummus action

I found a new type of cracker made from baked hummus. Actually, it’s really just […]

More tasteless fruit

Not only did Parker insist on making applesauce on Sunday, he also simply had to […]

You can’t see it, but it’s there.

The magic ingredient in today’s lunch is fig jam. I love the stuff and I’ve […]

Please don’t make me get up twice!

Sunday afternoon was rainy and chilly enough that I had no problem indulging Parker’s request […]

A little peanut butter on the fly

Because after I’d hatched my brilliant (OK, lazy) plan to use the leftover whole-wheat chocolate […]

Taking my cue from takeout

One of our go-to sushi joints always ends the meal with a bowl of fortune […]

A fine day for macaroons and a banana burrito

Because as usual I haven’t been to the grocer. So I’m getting close to scraping […]

Better late than never

Having spent yesterday in New York, I spent all day today catching up. As in […]

Woops! I ate his lunch

Didn’t realize he’d been counting on eating the leftovers from Saturday night’s sushi dinner out […]