All Posts from April, 2011

Small inspiration from Trader Joe’s

These mini burger buns I found at Trader Joe’s the other day seemed destined for […]

Big boys don’t do spacesman water bottles

Or so I have been told. Parker has had the same space-themed water bottle for […]

So that’s what it feels like to burst an eardrum…

And combined with a late return from our play date yesterday, it left me feeling […]

A school-free lunch today!

No lunch today! Or at least no lunch at school. This is vacation week in […]

A little labneh for lunch, please!

This week’s new food (we make a point of trying something new each week) was […]

A rare treat… Pizza

I fully acknowledge that we’re freaks about pizza. We eat it twice, maybe three times […]

Home, sick and without food

Business travel does it to me every time. I spend several days running crazy through […]

Heading home

Which makes this my favorite day of a business trip. Parker lately has been into […]

Business trip blues

When I travel for work, I eat well. In this job, it’s kind of the […]

Another trip to the grocer

Unlike last week, I made sure to carve out time yesterday morning for a quick […]