All Posts from March, 2011

Feeling royal (wedding cake)

So yesterday AP’s baker was at the house crafting a version of the much talked […]

New rules of the lunch box

As I stood at the counter after dinner last night packing Parker’s lunch box for […]

Last of the leftovers

Last night’s dinner was various leftovers — pasta carbonara, filet mignon, teriyaki steak, grated cheese […]

Something new and something meaty

Despite Parker coming down with an ear infection that required a Sunday visit to the […]

More pig, please!

Some days I think my kid just can’t get enough pig products. Last night we […]

A lot of rice pudding doesn’t go very far

So I ended up making a second batch. This time spiked with cardamom and cinnamon. […]

Too much milk… Not enough rice pudding

Yesterday I discovered we somehow had acquired three gallons of milk. And we don’t drink […]

Woops… Once more, this time with maple

So great plans sometimes get lost in the morning insanity. Like the maple sugar candy […]

Keeping the maple syrup weekend sugar buzz going

This past weekend was Maple Sugar Weekend in New Hampshire. It’s when the state’s many […]

Mud and carbonara

Yesterday afternoon was the warmest yet this season — still holding mid-50s when I picked […]