All Posts from February, 2011

How about some sun and sand?

No lunch today. No school today. We’re in Miami Beach for the South Beach Wine […]

Just a little DIY lunch

This is what Parker calls a make-it-yourself lunch. And he requested it. For dinner last […]

So what’s a little raw beef in a kid’s lunch?

I can’t help it if that’s how he likes his steak. And like is a […]

Healthy and back to school with a modified classic

Our leisurely Sunday morning simply could not have been complete without my whole-wheat pumpkin pancakes […]

Yum! Grape flavored

And so today brings day No. 2 this week of sick child at home. Which […]

Is it Easter already?

Only in my house, which sets its food calendar by my AP food editor job. […]

Feeling a little fruity

I know… Watermelon isn’t exactly a seasonal fruit in these parts. But Parker asked for […]

Back to school, armed with garlic

After spending a long day on the couch with a sick 6-year-old yesterday, I was […]

No-lunch Monday

And that would be because Parker spent last night and all today sick. Surely there […]

The lunch that the panini press built

A friend tipped me to the power of the panini press for making bacon. So […]