All Posts from January, 2011

A horrible weekend. A lunch of bacon and cotton candy

This weekend sucked. I knew it was coming, but it didn’t make it any easier. […]

Best of intentions

I keep meaning to get to the grocery store. I keep meaning to pick up […]

How did you do that?!?

“Daddy, how did you pack my lunch for me while you were in New York?” […]

Another day on the road

Today is Day 2 of my trip. Hope Parker enjoyed his lunch yesterday. Hope today’s […]

Out of town, not out of lunch

Always feel guilty when I have to be out of town. Hence the baggy of […]

A day with no bread

Wasn’t exactly the plan, but that’s what I had (or rather, didn’t) to work with […]

A very meaty Thursday

I generally believe that lunches are not the time to test out new foods on […]

Really need to go shopping. Really need to go shopping. Really need to go shopping. […]

Another classic Parker creation

First day back after a long weekend. It meant I wasn’t all that inspired when […]

Every week should end with bacon

Parker thinks he’s ready for a credit card. “Daddy, you know how my new school […]