All Posts from November, 2010

Punjabi lamb, Take 2

The curried lamb and garlic turkey mix was such a hit yesterday, I decided it […]

Back at it with Punjabi lamb, of course

The holiday lunch break was all to short. Kind of enjoyed five days of not […]

Crap! I overslept…

It happens. Especially when a certain 6-year-old wakes up at 1 a.m. and wants to […]

Finger food time

When time is tight for making my son’s lunch, I don’t reach for Lunchables. I […]

A long way to go to avoid packing a lunch

No lunch today! No school today! Decided to take a quick holiday trip to New […]

Thanksgiving leftovers… Already

What to do when you’ve got Thanksgiving leftovers a week before Thanksgiving? Turn them into […]

A little rum with lunch?

Or not… I admit, it was tempting. Had some seriously rum-infused rum raisin bars kicking […]

Madeover leftovers rule

I’d been trying to think of a way to use a bowl of leftover egg […]

Hanukkah, with a side of Jakarta

Mondays are always the easiest days to pack Parker’s lunch. That’s because Sundays are my […]

A bit of caramel with your ham?

One. Last. Lunch. Made it through the week. The rate at which Parker gobbled last […]