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One last day of vacation camp

Which means today is my last “free” vacation day. Gonna nap to my heart’s content. […]

Treats for the slopes

No formal lunch today. Just some energy food for the slopes. Parker and I are […]


Parker headed off to vacation camp today. Which means Daddy gets a rare day off. […]

What happened to my day off?

Turns out Parker had so much fun at his new school yesterday, he wanted to […]

A kinda school day

Which of course doesn’t mean Parker can get by on a kinda lunch. Parker’s new […]

The power of bacon!

The bacon worked! Parker had an awesome first day at his new school. “Daddy, you […]

A lunch to fuel change

Today’s lunch seemed especially important. Today Parker does a trial day at his new school, […]

Home picnic edition

The holidays have come early. Parker is enjoying the vacation. And one day in I’m […]

Comfort food edition

Some days, lunch just needs to be comforting. So today, I packed it with fat […]

A bacon and bath sort of morning

Thanks to a 5 a.m. wake up call from our new kitten, our day started […]