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On the road with a mountain of lunches in my wake

  “What? You’re putting lettuce in that? Why?” “It’s one leaf. You’ll be fine.” “No […]

4 a.m. is a horrible time to be thinking about lunch

It is possible that a certain 9-year-old woke up at 4 a.m. today. And it’s […]

Second helpings already? How about a side of OMG?

I have to interrupt your regularly scheduled lunch box feed to share some total awesomeness. […]

It was revolting and yucky and smelly. And then a reader saved the day.

I am, of course, talking about Parker’s lunch box. As I explained earlier this summer, […]

The best chicken is too much chicken

I’ve been lucky enough to do a bunch of media interviews about “Beating the Lunch […]

Kicking off the last week of summer with a grilled pizza

So Parker’s 9th birthday party sleepover this past weekend was a huge success. The cake […]

Today’s lunch packed for you by… Chris Kimball

Also known as the “Can I just eat with my hands?” edition. But more on […]

Today’s lunch packed for you by… Rachael Ray

Here’s a woman who not only totally gets my lunch packing philosophy… She also totally […]

Today’s lunch packed for you by… Elizabeth Karmel

So yesterday in between bouts of badminton with Parker and struggling to get a wood-fired […]

Today’s lunch packed for you by… Dorie Greenspan!

Well, not exactly. But with back-to-school looming and everyone eager for fresh ideas on how […]