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And then there are those days when you say, “Screw it.”

And then you say, “Where’s my bourbon?” One of those days. Misbehaving kid. Misbehaving electrician. […]

What the hell… It’s summer camp and a cookie sandwich won’t kill him

That was my theory this morning. As I bumbled about trying to sort out what […]

My son’s teachers like it when I’m in a bad mood

Because they know those are the days I generally medicate myself with cookie therapy. And […]

No school doesn’t mean no lunch

Like most kids, Parker is off today. Like most working parents, I’m not. So today […]

A very tortilla lunch and a seriously awesome lunch gear giveaway

Today’s lunch photo is dull. But it’s the best I could do. When I packed […]

And now I give you… The lazy man’s lunch

I’ve been sort of under the weather since the weekend. This has meant lots of […]

The one place I don’t mind “hiding” vegetables

And that is… chili. When I make it, I pretty much refuse to follow a […]

A hot potato and salted chocolate chip cookies, of course

Parker was very clear about what he wanted for his class treat in honor of […]

It’s not the junk food that’s the problem…

At least not directly. Because as I’ve said before, we all indulge now and then. […]

A DIY trail mix that is all about compromises

So last night Parker and I made a late run to the natural foods store […]