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It’s never too soon to think about next year’s lunch gear

So yesterday afternoon I was out shopping for a trashcan… I know you’re jealous. But […]

A very tortilla lunch and a seriously awesome lunch gear giveaway

Today’s lunch photo is dull. But it’s the best I could do. When I packed […]

Being scolded by a teacher feels as bad at 40 as it did at 4

OK… Even Parker was indignant about this. Then again, it really doesn’t take much to […]

What is not to like about carbs and fat? (And a lunch gear giveaway)

Seriously. How could he turn up his nose at this? For dinner last night I […]

It was revolting and yucky and smelly. And then a reader saved the day.

I am, of course, talking about Parker’s lunch box. As I explained earlier this summer, […]

Of back-to-school shopping and diner grub

Today’s forecast was looking rainy and blah. So rather than sit around at the lake […]

The lunch box is limping to the finish line…

I thought I was going to get out of it this year. Last year, after […]

A chicken Caesar dog, plum-berry bread pudding and… a winner!

Today’s lunch is — like so many of my creations — an mash of various […]

A day for chocolate mousse and watermelon lemonade

So despite having no photos to prove it, yesterday’s July Fourth celebration was pretty terrific. […]

The LunchBots giveaway rolls on… And why chocolate chips can be a healthy choice

Today’s lunch is a what-have-you of whatever I was able to dig out of the […]