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I get an infection in my hand, so Parker gets pizza

That’s pretty much what it takes for us to order pizza in this house. No […]

Why did it take me five years to make a barbecue turkey pizza?

Why didn’t I think of this before? I mean, when I was a kid I […]

A snow day tomorrow…? I. Don’t. Think. So.

Much as I love my kid (most of the time), I also really love that […]

The lunch that daylight savings time built

Found ourselves up bright and early yesterday. God, I despise daylight savings time. If I […]

What the heck is with the basil?

This is getting odd. So Parker devoured┬áhis lunch of basil-barbecue chicken sushi yesterday. And I […]

Today’s lunch packed for you by… Dorie Greenspan!

Well, not exactly. But with back-to-school looming and everyone eager for fresh ideas on how […]

Fancy lunches are fine, but 5-minute lunches is where it’s at

Not that I ever spend much time assembling Parker’s lunches. I mean, that’s the whole […]

Mac and cheese, please (and hold the fruit)! Plus, a lunch gear giveaway!

Yesterday was one of those cold, wet spring days when I should have had some […]