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Steak tacos and strawberries and the world is a happy place

As predicted, Parker’s lunch box returned home yesterday afternoon with the mysteriously dark rice pudding […]

And now… The five-ingredient bison hand pie!

So I woke up inspired this morning. I had a package of pie crust dough […]

Let’s try front-loading lunch at breakfast

So I had this brilliant idea this morning. Maybe I’m just not feeding Parker enough […]

And now we break the 1-pound mark…

Because even yesterday’s 3/4 pound of barbecue pulled pork wasn’t quite enough. I think I’ll […]

One day. Two lunches. A lot of rice pudding.

Remember how I was complaining on Monday about not having enough food in the house? […]

Bison steak tacos… to share

Lunch was a little different today. I didn’t have to pack it! Because it’s Valentine’s […]

And now I give you… breakfast potato chips

Admittedly, this a bit of a work in progress. But this morning as I was […]

A snow day tomorrow…? I. Don’t. Think. So.

Much as I love my kid (most of the time), I also really love that […]

A curry that didn’t pack and a puffin that failed

First, the curry. Today’s lunch was supposed to be haddock curry. That’s’ what I made […]

Back to the blues… and Veggie Bootcamp!

Truth is, I didn’t plan on taking last week off. It just kind of got […]