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It’s a good thing I don’t live near a Whole Foods…

I would weigh 300 pounds and spend every penny there. I went to the closest […]

Time for a classic Parker lunch…

Last night’s dinner was a bust. Don’t know why… Probably doesn’t matter. I totally went […]

You have no idea how much I love steak taco night

Especially on a week like this, when I am horribly behind on work and life […]

Getting fancy with a leftover steak sandwich

So apparently yesterday’s warning went well. The steak — and in fact Parker’s entire lunch […]

Such a simple lunch should not require a warning, but…

After roughly five years of this lunch packing/blogging thing, I’ve finally accepted something. I have […]

Today, I’m not even trying. Not even a little…

Because we are in the home stretch of the home renovation. And I needed to […]

It’s never too soon to think about next year’s lunch gear

So yesterday afternoon I was out shopping for a trashcan… I know you’re jealous. But […]

Of fish sauce and lemon-pepper-thyme

I accept that nobody feels bad for us having to spend the summer living at […]

The Sandwich Challenge: Day 25 (the berries and cream edition)

With just two “real” days of school left — and two “real” lunches left to […]

The Sandwich Challenge: Day 14 (a new way with steak and potatoes)

Today’s photo shows one of the mysteries of the cabin. When we bought the place […]