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A lunch via a random discovery in the refrigerator

Surely I can’t be alone. And I don’t mean alone in terms of reaching for […]

So apparently organ meats are where it’s at

If I had said to Parker, “Today, I’m packing liver and a chicken heart in […]

It’s never too early to plan for all those Thanksgiving leftovers

Thanksgiving comes early to our house. In fact, it started coming about four weeks ago […]

Let’s see what he does with a little bit of sage on that bacon

Truth is, he may not eat today’s lunch. At least not gleefully. But boy did […]

My crusts have come back to haunt me

I was totally prepared to be annoyed with Parker this morning. Which tends to be […]

Yes, the pear tart is missing a bite…

I mean, we all nibble a bit as we pack their lunches, right? I usually […]

No corn, but how about some slipped in squash?

So not even a comment from Parker about the corn and bacon salad. Nothing. The […]

Obviously we need to clear something up

Allow me to explain this to you one last time. If you wake up in […]

Getting fancy with a leftover steak sandwich

So apparently yesterday’s warning went well. The steak — and in fact Parker’s entire lunch […]

What the hell… It’s summer camp and a cookie sandwich won’t kill him

That was my theory this morning. As I bumbled about trying to sort out what […]