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Success… I think? Maybe not?

Yesterday’s brilliant plan of tanking Parker up on two yogurts and nearly a pound of […]

A morning fit for buttery flatbread

Woke up a little too early this morning. Normally not such a horrible thing. But […]

There is no more ham! You ate it all.

As expected, Parker devoured all 2/3 pound of ham (plus everything else) I packed in […]

Because I’m mean, I hate fun and get off on torturing him

“You didn’t pack me enough lunch!” And do you know why? Because I’m a horrible […]

And now I give you… the guacapedo!

Admittedly, I’m not sure how this one will go over. And there is the potential […]

One hour makes all the difference… Not in a good way…

One of those mornings… Parker had skiing. I had a meeting. It meant leaving the […]

Time to make the meatloaf!

Parker had no homework last night. And he was desperate for some computer time. He […]

The chicken sandwich that should not have been

Last night I roasted a chicken. I sliced Meyer lemons and shoved the slices — […]

A fresh take on blueberry jam… Sort of.

Have been a bit rushed again today. Both now and this morning when packing Parker’s […]

The lunch that sourdough and butter built

Parker loves sourdough bread. And he is particularly smitten with a particular baker’s sourdough bread. […]