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Blogs may come and go, but last-day-of-school traditions never get old

I hear you. It’s been a while. Lunch, however, always marches on. And today is […]

The most anticipated lunch of the year… The last day of school!

At least, the most anticipated by a certain 9-year-old boy, that is. We’ve made it […]

With the roar of a gummy dinosaur, so ends another school year

How the heck did another 180 days slip by? And how so fast? I think […]

The last-day-of-school buffet is looming…

As I mentioned the other day, Parker and I have a lunch tradition for his […]

The last day of school and the menu is kid’s choice!

And it took only four stops downtown to assemble Parker’s lunch for today. In case […]


And that means today is treat day. We have a tradition. On the last day […]