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The dinner (and lunch) that should not have worked

Given Parker’s mood of late, my bourbon and I decided last night’s dinner would be […]

But what would Frodo eat?

Parker has been a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings books for a […]

Even I felt guilty about packing this lunch…

Going to be on the road a lot next week. And that means this week […]

How to fuel a 10-year-old runner?

I know carbs are traditional. But I also know my little guy prefers protein and […]

Oh crap! My kid needs to eat, doesn’t he?

You’d think that after five years I’d have this down, right? This morning, I was […]

The problem with serving leftovers for dinner…

Is that you then have no leftovers for lunch the next day. So while I […]

And he thought the brownies were going to humiliate him…

He has no idea what’s coming. This morning I learned that Boys’ Life magazine has […]

And now for a whole new form of food glue!

As food glues go, it’s hard to beat cream cheese and peanut butter. And of […]

A “sushi” roll with a surprise inside

Decided to mix it up a bit this morning. Because the local corn is still […]

A sandwich wrap made from tomatoes?

Don’t tell Parker. Actually, he asked and I kind of sort of lied. “What type […]