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A solution to the STARVING boy problem?

A reader recently offered a simple, yet brilliant solution to the problem suffered by many […]

A strawberries and cream sort of lunch. And a giveaway!

So Parker LOVED cross country running yesterday. And if I thought the growth spurt — […]

Could his growth spurt finally be slowing down?

Yesterday Parker did the unthinkable. He said I’ve been packing too much food lately. This […]

It’s always possible that I’m trying to poison him…

Most days I don’t bother to tell Parker what I’m packing in his lunch. It’s […]

How about 3/4 pound of pork? Will that suffice?

Yesterday’s two large pulled pork sandwiches on whole-wheat buns apparently were not enough. Those, the […]

No green foods were harmed in the making of this lunch

Because I’m just not that sort of dad. I suppose I could be. I could […]

No lunches and no drinking. THIS is freedom?

So Parker had his class sleepover at the museum last night. Which meant I couldn’t […]

There is no more ham! You ate it all.

As expected, Parker devoured all 2/3 pound of ham (plus everything else) I packed in […]

And now, before your very eyes, I shall ruin dinner

Goodness, I’m on quite a roll this week. It seems I’m forever about one breath […]

We’re back. Again. This time for real.

So last week when I wrote that we were back, it seems I didn’t quite […]