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And now for a whole new form of food glue!

As food glues go, it’s hard to beat cream cheese and peanut butter. And of […]

A “sushi” roll with a surprise inside

Decided to mix it up a bit this morning. Because the local corn is still […]

A sandwich wrap made from tomatoes?

Don’t tell Parker. Actually, he asked and I kind of sort of lied. “What type […]

Getting fancy with a leftover steak sandwich

So apparently yesterday’s warning went well. The steak — and in fact Parker’s entire lunch […]

As expected, the cold-nacho-lesson was lost on him…

So it seems the cold leftover beef nachos were a hit. My lesson was lost […]

It’s never too soon to think about next year’s lunch gear

So yesterday afternoon I was out shopping for a trashcan… I know you’re jealous. But […]

Not really all that prepared for a return to camp

And lunch duty. And I blame the long weekend spent eating and drinking and swimming […]

The Sandwich Challenge: Day 4 (all rolled up)

Parker liked the butter and strawberry jam sandwich yesterday, but I’ve noticed his appetite isn’t […]

And so begins a very sandwichy period

Two weeks from today, we need to be moved out of our house. We won’t […]

A solution to the STARVING boy problem?

A reader recently offered a simple, yet brilliant solution to the problem suffered by many […]