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Time to make the meatloaf!

Parker had no homework last night. And he was desperate for some computer time. He […]

A lunch that took me 13 years to find the courage to make

Twenty-three years ago my great grandmother died. She was 93.¬†She’d been a third parent to […]

On the road with a mountain of lunches in my wake

  “What? You’re putting lettuce in that? Why?” “It’s one leaf. You’ll be fine.” “No […]

He may never get married, but at least he can manhandle a skillet

Don’t be afraid to make a little noise. It’s probably the best kitchen advice I’ve […]

A lunch to put meat on your bones

Or rather, a lunch with meat on bones. Not sure how this one is going […]

A sunny lunch with a cheese you’ll want to make. Now!

Still on the lake. And still relaxing. This morning has been spent boating and reading […]