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Nothing says great lunches like a stomach bug…

Which is why the lunch line has been offline for a little bit. Let’s just […]

A lunch via a random discovery in the refrigerator

Surely I can’t be alone. And I don’t mean alone in terms of reaching for […]

Time to recover from all that holiday joy!

Totally disconnected for the past 2 1/2 weeks. It was very nice. And badly needed. […]

If you want Daddy to be inspired when making your lunch

Don’t be a jerk to him all morning. What is complicated about that? So today’s […]

If only I could be as organized about lunch as I am Thanksgiving

Because for Thanksgiving I’m working off of a two-tiered spreadsheet. A to-do list app that […]

Already one of those weeks…

And how can that be? It’s a short week. Yesterday was nice. Parker and I […]

Holy (expletive deleted)! Just go to school!

As you probably guessed from the silence, it’s been one of those weeks… Well, one […]

Same meat, but now with added carbs and fat

Still had a ton of Chinese barbecue pulled pork left over last night, so decided […]

A chore that finally pays dividends… And not just to Parker

So earlier this year Parker asked for more money in his allowance. I said, sure. […]

The lunch that took 10 hours to make, but minutes to pack

Luckily, all those hours were spent on Saturday. We had friends out at the lake […]