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How about some caramelized applesauce?

Actually, that wasn’t the plan. Last night, I decided to use up a glut of […]

Sometimes the best lunch is an uneaten breakfast

Still smarting from yesterday’s failure to launch, I decided today I’d be on top of […]

The problem with serving leftovers for dinner…

Is that you then have no leftovers for lunch the next day. So while I […]

Another attempt at flatbread… This time with pumpkin!

So yesterday I again got the urge to make flatbread. Except this time I had […]

Of oat-based pizzas and new kitchen reveals!

Yesterday… I was hankering to make pizza dough. This doesn’t happen often, so I decided […]

No food, a nervous kid and other first-day-of-school issues

Given that the world has a window into my son’s lunch box, you’d think I’d […]

Trying to come back from my brown bag sabbatical

I know… I know… I’ve taken a few weeks off. It’s just been a crazy […]

If you’re going to whine, you’re going to get cold nachos

Admittedly, the cause and effect here perhaps is a bit too nuanced for Parker to […]

A little of this, a little of that. Lunch in 5 minutes flat.

Had neither the time nor the energy to assemble lunch today. Are we there yet? […]

Get your paws off the lunch!

My stupidly simple lunch was of great interest to one of our furry residents this […]