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And now… The five-ingredient bison hand pie!

So I woke up inspired this morning. I had a package of pie crust dough […]

No green foods were harmed in the making of this lunch

Because I’m just not that sort of dad. I suppose I could be. I could […]

Thank goodness for frozen phyllo pastry cups

Because after another wonderful weekend away with friends, we returned home yet again to no […]

The gourmet nibbles (and yogurt bird) edition

I had very little going for me this morning. We had to be out of […]

A snow day tomorrow…? I. Don’t. Think. So.

Much as I love my kid (most of the time), I also really love that […]

Two ways with teriyaki chicken (and albino bats)

Maybe it’s just me, but I think part of today’s lunch resembles albino bats. Tasty […]

The AHH!!!-I-DON’T-HAVE-TIME lunch…

I got home from New York late last night. I got up early this morning. […]

And now I give you… a most amazing fruit sushi

It all started with a random picture posted by a Facebook friend. She was on […]

So… How was the cat food?

3:30 yesterday afternoon. We were in the car, driving home from Parker’s school. His lunch […]

How about some bits and pieces and a side of leftover leftovers?

A certain someone had trouble sleeping last night. Which, of course, meant another certain someone […]