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So why isn’t there a hamburger in today’s lunch?

Excellent question. Particularly since I went to the trouble of making an extra one at […]

A “sushi” roll with a surprise inside

Decided to mix it up a bit this morning. Because the local corn is still […]

As expected, the cold-nacho-lesson was lost on him…

So it seems the cold leftover beef nachos were a hit. My lesson was lost […]

The Sandwich Challenge: Day 26 (Sushi counts as a sandwich, right?)

I confess… I totally lamed out today. But it’s my son’s fault. Tomorrow is his […]

No lunches and no drinking. THIS is freedom?

So Parker had his class sleepover at the museum last night. Which meant I couldn’t […]

Meat sushi as a do-ahead lunch

Since I’ve been on the road since yesterday, today’s lunch was packed in advance. And […]

A road trip requires an easy lunch… Sushi!

Despite the generally lousy weather down there, I need to head to New York City […]

And now I give you… a most amazing fruit sushi

It all started with a random picture posted by a Facebook friend. She was on […]

It’s 5 a.m., so might as well make banana bread and applesauce

You’d think that starting my day at 4:45 a.m. would enable me to get a […]

Of scented kitties and dishwasher-safe pencils

I’m starting to think the kid is messing with me. Probably punishment for being gone […]