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A lunch via a random discovery in the refrigerator

Surely I can’t be alone. And I don’t mean alone in terms of reaching for […]

A sweet-and-spicy chicken sandwich… And a new bourbon!

OK, I accept that this blog isn’t about bourbon. But it’s about at least one […]

If I didn’t love my child would I pack him coq au vin tacos?

I mean, seriously. If three bottles of red wine and meltingly tender chicken don’t say […]

It may not look like much, but it sure can pack some veggies

I’ve decided that chili — defined oh so very broadly — is my magic food. […]

Thanksgiving leftovers, Day 4: Vegetarian chili edition

So yesterday Parker announced he was getting sick of Thanksgiving leftovers. As far as I […]

What the hell… It’s summer camp and a cookie sandwich won’t kill him

That was my theory this morning. As I bumbled about trying to sort out what […]

The Sandwich Challenge: Day 19 (Are we done yet?)

You know that mommy blog post that has been making the rounds? The one in […]

The Sandwich Challenge: Day 13 (A favorite fried chicken becomes a sandwich… or two)

For a guy who normally works from home, this commuting 30 minutes back and forth […]

The Sandwich Challenge: Day 12 (sticky marmalade chicken and guac)

It is so nice to be able to cook again. Not that I have time […]

The Sandwich Challenge: Day 10 (kids should be more like cats edition)

Today is Day 2 of Parker’s end-of-year standardized testing. And I’m laughing about the note […]