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And then there are those days when you say, “Screw it.”

And then you say, “Where’s my bourbon?” One of those days. Misbehaving kid. Misbehaving electrician. […]

Can you really make a homemade nut-free Nutella in 5 minutes?

Yes. Kind of. OK, it’s not really Nutella, but I’m relatively confident your kid won’t […]

One hour makes all the difference… Not in a good way…

One of those mornings… Parker had skiing. I had a meeting. It meant leaving the […]

The AHH!!!-I-DON’T-HAVE-TIME lunch…

I got home from New York late last night. I got up early this morning. […]

A very tortilla lunch and a seriously awesome lunch gear giveaway

Today’s lunch photo is dull. But it’s the best I could do. When I packed […]

Let them eat cake… But first I have to make the damn thing

I’m sorry to say that today’s lunch plays only a supporting role to the main […]

A little rum with lunch?

Or not… I admit, it was tempting. Had some seriously rum-infused rum raisin bars kicking […]