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Lunch! Under pressure!

So I got an electric pressure cooker the other day. I’ve been playing around with […]

Leftover chili, Take 2 — The pasta edition

Last night I lacked the time, energy and ingredients to make a proper dinner. All […]

So much brown, so little time

Argh! Back yesterday from a week on the road in New York City. Let’s just […]

Do you have any idea what an insensitive jerk I am?

Seriously! I’m such a horrible father. Today, I did the worst thing a dad can […]

Today, I’m not even trying. Not even a little…

Because we are in the home stretch of the home renovation. And I needed to […]

All runners fuel up on cake, right?

Today is a big day for Parker. He’s trying cross country running for the first […]

Undeniably, the worst lunch I ever have packed

It was bound to happen. I’ve been chronicling Parker’s lunches on this blog for nearly […]

Pick your poison — carbonara or spicy peanut noodles

We were in the car last night, coming home from Parker’s karate class. “So how […]

Lunch by way of way too much garlic

Several years ago Parker became oddly obsessed with wearing a clove of garlic around his […]

A fresh take on blueberry jam… Sort of.

Have been a bit rushed again today. Both now and this morning when packing Parker’s […]