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Father’s little helper… Too cool for me!

My theme for this new school year? Getting Parker to take a bit more responsibility […]

Another fine way to start a long week

So today is Parker’s 1oth birthday. Which is crazy. It’s also why I found myself […]

How far can we push this corn thing?

“So, was there something different about my ham and cream cheese?” Parker. Friday after school. […]

And now for a little salsa experiment… And kitchen pictures!

So a couple weeks ago I tried something sneaky with Parker. He had a friend […]

The secret is in the sauce (and a less revolting one)

Ever since I made chili on a whim last week, Parker has been asking for […]

How about 3/4 pound of pork? Will that suffice?

Yesterday’s two large pulled pork sandwiches on whole-wheat buns apparently were not enough. Those, the […]

Two ways with teriyaki chicken (and albino bats)

Maybe it’s just me, but I think part of today’s lunch resembles albino bats. Tasty […]

Veggie Bootcamp, Take 2: Day 5 (the lunch that wasn’t packed)

Parker was supposed to go climbing today. His school has a great program that organizes […]

Time for another round of Veggie Bootcamp!

As many of you know, two summers ago I tortured my child by forcing him […]

Just five days until holiday break?!?!

That doesn’t seem nearly possible. Because I feel like I’ve barely thought about Christmas… Actually, […]