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That’s right… I went there. I made bacon chili.

It wasn’t the plan. But then nothing about last night’s dinner went as planned. It […]

If I didn’t love my child would I pack him coq au vin tacos?

I mean, seriously. If three bottles of red wine and meltingly tender chicken don’t say […]

Parker’s cooking chore again pays off for lunch duty

Wednesday is Parker’s “help make dinner” chore day. One of the many unfair burdens imposed […]

Thanksgiving menu — this time with recipes!

Last day of school! Last day of peace. Where’s my bourbon? Going to keep it […]

No school, but how about that chocolate hummus recipe?

No school means no packed lunch! But I’ll share that chocolate hummus recipe. So good! […]

Another attempt at flatbread… This time with pumpkin!

So yesterday I again got the urge to make flatbread. Except this time I had […]

It may be ugly, but it sure is yummy…

So with a new school year, we’ve embraced a new chore list. For Parker, that […]

Of oat-based pizzas and new kitchen reveals!

Yesterday… I was hankering to make pizza dough. This doesn’t happen often, so I decided […]

The lunch that took 10 hours to make, but minutes to pack

Luckily, all those hours were spent on Saturday. We had friends out at the lake […]

Today, I’m not even trying. Not even a little…

Because we are in the home stretch of the home renovation. And I needed to […]