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Sometimes I’m kind of slow, but I’m learning

Too often lately I’ve been burned by Parker’s ravenous appetite. I prep what I consider […]

All runners fuel up on cake, right?

Today is a big day for Parker. He’s trying cross country running for the first […]

A brown rice and Buffalo-esque take on chicken

Last night’s dinner was an experiment that — while not all that attractive — was […]

Of chicken saltimbocca and buttery potatoes with pork shoulder

  As usual, about as vegetarian-unfriendly a lunch as possible. That’s my boy… For dinner […]

Success… I think? Maybe not?

Yesterday’s brilliant plan of tanking Parker up on two yogurts and nearly a pound of […]

A morning fit for buttery flatbread

Woke up a little too early this morning. Normally not such a horrible thing. But […]

And now we break the 1-pound mark…

Because even yesterday’s 3/4 pound of barbecue pulled pork wasn’t quite enough. I think I’ll […]

And now something entirely different…

We’ve entered two-sandwich territory. To keep him satisfied — by which I mean, not screaming […]

Why did it take me five years to make a barbecue turkey pizza?

Why didn’t I think of this before? I mean, when I was a kid I […]

Pick your poison — carbonara or spicy peanut noodles

We were in the car last night, coming home from Parker’s karate class. “So how […]