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The Sandwich Challenge: Day 20 (The lunch that Elvis built)

So I woke up this morning thinking… How is it possible that my fourth grader […]

What to do with a bottle of lousy bourbon?

Pack it in your kid’s lunch, of course! A friend and I decided to try […]

Of chicken saltimbocca and buttery potatoes with pork shoulder

  As usual, about as vegetarian-unfriendly a lunch as possible. That’s my boy… For dinner […]

Of bacon fat mayonnaise and chili-orange lamb

Parker and I hunkered down in the house all day yesterday. And with no particular […]

A snow day tomorrow…? I. Don’t. Think. So.

Much as I love my kid (most of the time), I also really love that […]

A meaty lunch for a day on the slopes

Parker has been on a bagel kick the past few days. I made the mistake […]

How about some bits and pieces and a side of leftover leftovers?

A certain someone had trouble sleeping last night. Which, of course, meant another certain someone […]

Ice cream for dinner? Sigh…

Last night’s dinner didn’t go according to plan. We got home late, so I figured […]

Lots of bacon and an unlikely salad success

Not sure why, but I’ve been having a lot of success lately with an unlikely […]

Back to the blues… and Veggie Bootcamp!

Truth is, I didn’t plan on taking last week off. It just kind of got […]